Cranberries are indigenous, however historians doubt that the Native populations were eating the bitter fruit in 1620-21.   Edible or not, the cranberry itself is bright and cheery, and wonderful for use in decorating.

Shown here is a raffia and pine cone – cranberry garland.  Just create individual garland swags as shown, then tie them together and cover the “joints” with twists or bows accented with cranberries and  pine cones.  Use raffia to tie everything together, along with the natural glue described in the historical guide.   (Please pardon the fake berries shown in the picture here… it was the wrong time of year when I made the garland!)

Very pretty hung along the dining room ceiling line.

Note: If you need to you can always string cranberries on sinew “thread,” or on gut hafting which is naturally curly.  Sinew and gut hafting details and sources are found in The American Patriot’s Treasury of Historical Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas, Second Edition.

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Cranberry Garland

Cranberry Garland

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