Mission Statement

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The Ideas Thanksgiving .com mission is to create a Reality Thanksgiving Revolution which will end Thanksgiving stereotypes and boredom, give American Indian people recognition and voice, and help turn the tide of  public opinion that history study is “boring and irrelevant.”

We accomplish these objectives by:  a)  informing Americans about the devastating impact which traditionalist (white-washed, non-controversial) K-12 history textbooks have had on our masses, b) by promoting the holiday hobby alternative of living history for Thanksgiving, and c) by factually presenting our controversial multi-cultural heritage, thus peaking interest and creating healthy dialogue among Americans.

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Privacy Policy

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Well, the privacy policy is a whole mess of legal mumbo jumbo, and I didn’t want three pages worth of mumbo jumbo here, so we’ve put it in a pdf for tidiness. To open the pdf document for reading, just click on this link:

Privacy-Policy pdf

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Contact Us

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Mailing Address:
The David and Carrie Franzwa Family
TIPS of Oregon (Parent Company)
59 Eaton Street, Ste. B
Lebanon, Oregon 97355

TIPSofOregon [ -at- ] (add @ symbol, remove spaces and brackets)


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How Thanksgiving Time Travel Got Started

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After 20+ years of daily cooking – a chore I do not relish – I finally decided in 2007 that I hated the Thanksgiving holiday, and it was time to go on some sort-of a strike! I just had to do something totally different ‘cause the holiday was boring me to tears.

As I had been newly nurturing a long-held love for living history, I decided Thanksgiving would be the perfect opportunity to do a little time travel. Oh, did that ever sound a whole lot more fun to me!

Unfortunately, as my hopes for something more interesting took hold, I quickly discovered that there just weren’t any books or websites out there on how to re-create a historical Thanksgiving at home, just for fun.

I dug for every scrap of information I could find that first year. After experiencing my family’s positive reaction to my efforts in “playing more” for Thanksgiving, I decided to share the idea by compiling a how-to book as a fundraising tool for

That’s how this whole adventure got started.

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About Carrie

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I have enjoyed the life callings of career homemaker, artist, parent, foster parent, and home school educator K-8.   My darling husband, David, and I moved our family into a lovely, big old fixer-upper home in the small town of Lebanon, Oregon in ‘99.   We’re still here, and loving it.  The only thing that could move us out willingly would be acreage for horses…

I have dreamed of owning horses all my life (which shows up A LOT in my artwork).  I just never felt stable enough financially to make the commitment, plus I was sure I’d ignore my kids if I had a horse too soon!

But my kids are almost out of the nest now…. I am hoping a horse is just around the corner.

In the meantime I enjoy a number of creative arts.  I love decorating, painting/drawing, sewing, and designing miniature 1930’s-style wooden jigsaw puzzles.

My mini puzzles are pretty sweet!  They contain hidden figures in every cut – an industry first for miniature wooden jigsaws.  You can check them out using the link below.

I’ve also included a link to my clipart portfolio at, and a few samples of my wall and decorative art.


Watercolor & Ink; Pastel on Velour; Color Pencil on Manga; Color Pencil

Watercolor & Ink; Pastel on Velour; Color Pencil on Manga; Color Pencil

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On Newstands Everywhere! (Someday)

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The Better Homes and Gardens website has a new cover maker tool you can dream with! I made a mock cover to imagine myself rich and famous :-) Too fun!


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Business Links

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Horse vectors and clipart graphics. Even offers beautiful horse crest designs and ornaments suitable for t-shirts and tattoos!

Puzlet Gem miniature 1930’s-style collectible puzzles in wood. Free instructions for making any Puzlet into a Christmas tree ornament.

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